Ellen Langer

Perfection is an illusive and unattainable goal. Since everything is always changing, what might have seemed perfect at this moment is not necessarily perfect tomorrow. More important, things look different from different perspectives, so what looks great from one view may be sadly lacking from another.

If we can’t achieve a perfect outcome, we can achieve what feels like the perfect experience. Life consists only of moments; if we make the moment matter—truly engage with it—nothing can be more perfect. How do we then achieve the felt experience of perfection? Ironically, when we put aside the pursuit of perfection, we’re more likely to experience it. An experiencing self is not self-focused, it doesn’t judge every small change. Evaluation is less likely to help us achieve perfection than it is to create stress and take us out of an experience we otherwise could be having.

So, how do we create the perfect experience? True engagement is the simple process of mindful noticing. Within such an intentional consciousness is felt perfection