Ellen Langer

Spring 2012 Program at Kripalu, June 1-3 ·


Listen to Counterclockwise

I will be leading a program session at Kripalu June 1-3. A description of the program is below and you can get more information about it at the Kirpalu website.

To register, call 1-800-741-7353.

Ellen Langer’s book, Counterclockwise, is being made into a movie starring Jennifer Aniston. Ellen’s groundbreaking studies, including the Counterclockwise study, have led to a remarkable set of findings on the practical applications of mindfulness for health: When people are taught to be mindful in a fashion very different from meditation, they become more creative, healthier, and happier. They show improvements in memory, attention, and productivity, a decrease in judgment of self and others, and a decrease in burnout. Most dramatically, the research has found an increase in longevity, an improvement in vision, and a decrease in weight, all as a result of people changing their minds.

While this might sound like work, Ellen’s approach is actually the essence of play and laughter—you can expect to have fun while you learn life-changing strategies. In this workshop, Ellen will discuss the research and ideas described in her four-book mindfulness series, guide personal and interpersonal exercises, and participate in an in-depth Q&A period.

Recommended reading Ellen Langer, Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility (Ballantine Books) and On Becoming an Artist (Ballantine Books).

CE Credits

This program is eligible for :

8.5 credits for Nurses, $20 additional charge
8.5 credits for Certified Counselors (NBCC), $20 additional charge
8.5 credits for Psychologists (PSY), $20 additional charge
8.5 credits for Social Workers (SW), $20 additional charge